Concept13 Advertising offers the full gamut of art services including concept art, asset creation, as well as in-game content integration services to the global games industry and Mobile Apps. Concept13 has contributed to the development of games which includes action, racing, sports, simulation and movie based games on multiple platforms & engines. We Develop 2D and 3D Games for Mobile, Web and Desktop using Unity3D Game Engine and Mobile Applications for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile using Native SDK and HTML5 Toolkits.

Managing the Soul of your Business with Effective Solution

The ever-increasing demands are making every business strive hard to find new and better solutions in terms of technologies and procedures to outperform their competitors, and to really and effectively leave an impact on the minds of their customers. In today’s ever-evolving economy, space has seen a tremendous transformation from just a thought to forming a meticulous strategy to lure your customers in this open market-space. An effective strategy not only curtails down the operational costs, but also helps high-performing organizations with effective decision making regarding the key investment areas to increase the returns on investments (ROI) to catalyze the future success rate.

The New Language at Concept13 to Keep your Customers Ever-Smiling

At concept13, we are no short of options in providing you with top-rated and comprehensive solutions. Our supreme focus is on bridging the gap between you and your global audience by building a bridge on the strong foundation of a perfect relationship.With our decades of experience and in-depth knowledge base about various and sundry business processes such as revenue management, effective go-to-market strategies, sales, and support services, we can assure you with the best-of-the-best customer service, better outreach to your customers, greater penetration into the open market, streamlined business processes, reduced operational costs, and increased revenues, to realistically realize your business objectives. We have strategic alliances in place with the top technology vendors to keep your organization stay current on the technology, and to help you stay on top of ever-evolving market trends.

One-Stop-Shop for a Comprehensive Enterprise Solution – Services Portfolio

  • Business consulting: Selection and evaluation of right technological tools, feasibility study, project scoping, customizable reporting mechanisms and metrics, compliance audits, and on-site health-checks.
  • Project implementation: Go-to-market strategy, gap analysis, functionality roadmap, Data mining and migration, deployment, and worldwide rollouts.
  • Project integration options and customization: Customized reporting system, object development, and integration with your existing.
  • Critical analysis with analytics and business intelligence: Need scrutiny, data management and load distribution, and reporting.
  • Unified customer data management: Capturing relevant customer demographics, real-time redundancy checks, error management, and reporting.
  • Maintenance and support:
    • Application maintenance, administration, and support.
    • Database management, administration, and support.
    • Performance evaluation and fine-tuning.
    • Real-time customization.
    • Tracking and implementation of Request for Enhancements (RFEs).